E 0780          SEAT

The word " seat " is of Germanic origin .

H 0939               ת ש                  

Concept of root : seat

Hebrew word


English meanings

ת ש


seat (anat.); base, foundation

Related English words

to sit, set, seat

Comparison between European words and Hebrew




English meanings

Similarity in roots


ת ש


seat (anat.);

base, foun-dation

sh . t




s . t



Proto-Semitic *SHET --- *SĒD- Indo-European



In entry E 0794 (Hebrew 0941) , with the extended root " SH T T ", the similarities will be further elaborated. This entry merited a separate place on account of its specific anatomical meaning.



  • Proto-Semitic . We find a group of five supposed roots, with two basic variations , one between "SH" and "S", and the other with or without a first consonant Aleph :


    1. "*SH . T,


    2. "*Aleph SH : T" ,


    3. "*S . T" ,


    4. "*Aleph S . T".


    5. "*Aleph S . D "


    But these five forms cover a wide range of meanings, partially very far away from "seat" and "foundation". Anyhow, limiting ourselves to the words that cover one of or both our two Hebrew meanings, we see 1 in Hebrew, Aramaic, Mehri and Harsusi, 2 again in Aramaic and 4 in Arabic. And, variation 5 is present in Akkadian, and perhaps Ugaritic. Difficult to make a valid hypothesis for Proto-Semitic in this situation. The more so as this great variation can be found in Indo European as well. We refer to entry E 0794 (Hebrew 0941).





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