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When I started this web site I did not realize that in several years of study I would have gathered a vast amount of information that might be worthwhile to communicate to both scholars and interested laymen, especially in order to receive critical comments on the result of the work.


The site includes over a 1000 Tables of Comparison between Hebrew and European words and their roots. With each Table one finds essential comments. Over 30 pages give a summary of them. The navigation has been made, I suppose, easy and quick. A clear Index presents 9 main entries to cover all what has been implemented.


Important chapters have been dedicated to Historic Realities and Background and to Development of Roots.


Naturally I have used extensive documentation, both printed and from the Web, as well as dictionaries, besides experience and some personal knowledge.


By studying, analyzing and comparing the available information it has been possible to compose these over a thousand Tables of Comparison, many of which give interesting indications regarding possible common origins of the roots of the words from Hebrew and Indo-European languages.


We should like to suggest the reader to make acquaintance with this research of possible common origin by looking into the following interesting similarities


Robbert De Bruyn



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